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It was a great pleasure and blessing having my kids at City Christian. They were loved, educated and valued. Your kids will flourish not only educationally, but most of all spiritually.


-Alicia Gallegos

Our lives, my family, my wife and two children, are what they are, in large part because of our involvement and inclusion at City Christian School.  Our children graduated 2019 (daughter Morgan) and 2017 (son Ian).  Our children have always felt a strong connection to the school, they have both developed close relationships with many of the faculty and have made amazing friends.  More importantly, they have both developed a close relationship with God.  City Christian School has provided this for my children and it shows in their lives, they both have beautiful hearts and minds.  They are both teenagers, God love them, and they act like it often, but I could not be more pleased with their start in life. Again thank you all for what you've done and continue to do for our family, I will always consider CCS our home.


Paul and the Bohman family

City School prepared my daughter in so many ways, for not just the next step in High School, but more importantly for life. I have no doubt she will do well at the next level with Academics.  I’m not one bit scared of what she will face in decisions and peer pressures either from here on out. The staff was second to none and they helped my daughter to find her calling.

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